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Rome, the capital city of Italy and often called the Eternal City, is one of the world's most important tourist destinations. Within this exciting metropolis of over 3 million people and stretched over an area of 2,066 square miles (5,352 square kilometres), you will be able to experience ancient history, enjoy a delicious evening dinner, booking a tour, visit the Vatican Museums, go to the Opera Theatre, have a romantic walk along the Tiber and ...

Events in Rome

Some of Rome's more famous annual events.

Shopping tips
Main shops and markets in Rome.

Discos and clubs
Partying and clubbing in the heart of Rome.


Health services

Hospitals and the emergency services.

Rome transportation

How best to reach and get around Rome.

Embassies in Rome
Contact details of embassies in Rome.

Parks in Rome

Public gardens, parks and villas in Rome.
Rome cultural life ROME CULTURAL LIFE
You will be able to experience ancient history, enjoy a delicious evening dinner, visit the Vatican, go to the Opera Theatre havea romantic walk along the River...
Restaurants in Rome ROME RESTAURANTS
Rome has a varied and lively restaurant scene, which offersan overwhelming choice of restaurants, trattorie ...
Rome Guide
Historical sights HISTORICAL SIGHTS
Campo De' Fiori Square, Navona Square Colosseum, Sistine Chapel,Pantheon, The Roman Forum, The Palatine Hill and much more...
Rome theatres THEATRES IN ROME
Rome has a vast array of theatres with performances rangingfrom the great Classics to alternative comedy...
Rome Guide
Cinemas in Rome CINEMAS IN ROME
Rome offers the movie lover a large assortment of cinemas, frommultiscreens to art-house cafe cinemas...
Cafes bars and pubs CAFES, BARS AND PUBS
Italy is synonymous with coffee; cafes can be found all overRome, as well as bars and more traditional-like pubs...
Rome Guide
Rome Accommodation HOTELS IN ROME
Rome Hotels, appartments and b&bs at the best available prices by HotelsChart. Online reservation available. Selected Rome Hotels.
Tours of Rome TOURS OF ROME
Tours of Rome, outside Rome and Italy tours. An excellent servicefor your unforgettable holiday in Rome...
Rome Guide

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