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New events pop up in Rome's annual calendar on a regular basis. Some which do not appear the next year due to their lack of popularity, but many more which go from strength to strength. We recommend that you purchase Rome's version of Timeout for what is going on weekly - called Roma c'e, it should be available at any newspaper stand or if you prefer something in English try the bi-monthly Wanted in Rome. As Rome is one of the cultural and historical capitals of the world, there really is a lot to discover; from remarkable art exhibitions and rock concerts, to religious ceremonies and gay festivals. Below is just a short list of events to provide you with some idea of what to expect.


Jazz and Image Festival, Villa Celimontana, Piazza Della Navicella 12, Rome. Circa mid June - end of August; starting at 9.00pm, concert at 10.00pm.
Started in 1994, this cultural event has gone from strength to strength and should not be missed. Every year during the summer months, Rome's most prestigious Jazz club (Alexanderplatz) moves from its home at Via Ostia near the Vatican (Metro Line A: Ottaviano) to the beautiful grounds of Villa Celimontana, just a short walk from the Colosseum. Every evening, renowned Jazz musicians from all around the world perform to a discerning audience, while also enjoying excellent food, drinks and conversation.


Estate Romana, during the summer months throughout the whole of Rome.
Roman summer nights are usually warm and pleasant and you would not want to be cooped up in an opera hall or restaurant, when you could be doing the same thing, but al fresco. Therefore, during the summer, it seems like the whole of Rome is like a stage with many cultural and artistic events taking place outside. The whole period is known as Estate Romana (Roman Summer); for example, theatre is performed at the ruins of Ostia Antica; opera can be heard at the gigantic Olympic Stadium; piazzas and church steps play host to jazz and blues musicians. The list goes on and on, and we recommend you keep up to date with what is going on, so that you do not miss anything special.


Gay Village, Monte Testaccio, Rome. Circa mid June - end of August. 7.00pm - late night/early morning.
Every year for the past couple of years, the center of Testaccio becomes a cultural Mecca for gay, straight, young and old Romans and tourists. The well-designed area is created with wooden cabins, bars, restaurants, dance areas and stages to re-create a small village where tolerance is the keyword. On the weekends, there is normally a very long queue, so get there early. Pop concerts, discos, comedy/theatre, restaurants, bars, etc.


Easter Week, the Vatican and throughout Rome.
During Easter Week, thousands of Catholics from around the world make pilgrimages to Rome's various churches and also to the Vatican to hear the Pope give his public address. On Good Friday there is the Procession of the Cross, starting from the Colosseum and leading to Capitoline Hill.


Romans and Villa Borghese, Villa Poniatowski, Via Di Villa Giulia 34, Rome. Tel: 06 32 11 16 17. Open: Tuesday - Sunday 9.00am - 7.00m. Closed Mondays. December 5th 2003 - March 21st 2004.
A large collection of images of Villa Borghese, which were taken between 1903 and 2003 by Roman residents, is on display in the newly-restored Villa Poniatowski, as part of the park's centennial celebrations.


Antiques in Piazza Augusto Imperatore, Piazza Augusto Imperatore, Rome. Tel: 06 36 00 53 45. December 21st 2003 - July 18th 2004. Every 3rd Sunday of the month (10.00am till dusk).
Around 100 exhibitors sell 20th century furniture and memorabilia. Often great bargains can be found by those who have the time and patience to search through the stalls.


Epiphany at Piazza Navona, Piazza Navona, Rome. Annually; circa November 30th - January 7th.
Celebration of Epiphany. A fair takes place at Piazza Navona, site of the beautiful Bernini Fountains. Sweets, candy, toys and other delights are offered to children. Free ethnic and gospel concerts take place here, as well as Via Dell'Orso, Via Dei Coronari and Sant'Eustachio.

Events in Rome > Home page

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