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Italian cuisine is well renowned all over the world; from pizza, pasta, ragu and tiramisu. Rome has a varied and lively restaurant scene, which offers an overwhelming choice of pizzerias, restaurants, trattorie and osterie. Prices can also vary greatly, so you should always check that the price list is compatible with your budget. Food is a major part of the Italian way of life and is taken very seriously; many shops and businesses close at midday for at least a couple of hours to enjoy the ritual of lunch.

Below is just a small selection of eateries in Rome, there are hundreds more to choose from! Be adventurous and try out some local Roman dishes, such as Fiori di Zucca (battered courgette flowers with anchovies), A bbacchio alla Scottadito (seasoned oven baked lamb) or Saltinbocca alla Romana (slices of veal filled with prosciutto). When choosing a restaurant, the best advice we can give, like for any city, is to try and avoid the tourist traps and to explore a little off the beaten track. Also, you should not be put off by a restaurant's exterior - often the scruffy doorway leads to some of the best food.


Termini Train Station Area

Agata e Romeo, Via Carlo Alberto 45, Rome. Tel: 06 44 65 84 27 / 06 44 66 115. Metro A: Vittorio Emanuele.
Open: Monday - Saturday; 1.00pm - 3.00pm and 8.00pm - 11.30pm. Closed: Sundays. Booking in advance is recommended and most major credit cards accepted.

This stylish restaurant is well known throughout Rome. Although not cheap, it offers classic Roman and southern Italian dishes, stylishly prepared by Agata, who always uses the best ingredients possible. Her husband, Romeo, seamlessly manages the elegant dining room. The restaurant offers a wide choice of both international and domestic wines from its cellar and fish lovers, carnivores, as well as vegetarians are all catered for by a menu that frequently changes. If, after your main meal, you still have room left, try Agata's gorgeous homemade millefoglie, a light puff pastry filled with almonds and cream.

Il Dito E La Luna, Via Dei Sabelli 49-51, Rome. Tel: 06 49 40 726. Metro A Piazzo Vittorio. Open: Monday - Saturday; 8.00pm - midnight.

The area of San Lorenzo, just to the north of the main train station, is well known for its restaurants and trattorie, which offer a wide variety of choice. Il Dito E La Luna is a charming, but unpretentious quaint restaurant which serves traditional Sicilian and more general, contemporary Italian dishes. We recommend the pasta dishes which are excellent or try the house specialty, caponata di melanzane - chopped aubergines/eggplant in a tomato sauce with potatoes and onions. Please take note though that credit cards are not accepted.

Some other restaurants in the area include the following

Arancia Blu, Via Dei Latina 55-65, Rome. Tel: 06 44 54 105.
Il Quadrifoglio, Via Del Boschetto 19, Rome. Tel: 06 48 26 096.
Taverna Flavia, Via Flavia 9, Rome. Tel: 06 47 45 214.
Monte Arci, Via Castelfirdado 33, Rome. Tel: 06 49 41 220.


Piazza Navona - Pantheon Area

Quinzi e Gabrieli, Via Delle Coppelle 6, Rome. Tel: 06 68 79 389. Bus: Corso Del Rinascimento. Open: Monday - Saturday; 7.30pm - 11.30pm. Closed: Sundays. Booking in advance is recommended and most major credit cards accepted.

Alberto Quinzi and Enrico Gabrieli probably offer the best seafood dishes in the whole of Rome (if not Italy). Using the freshest of ingredients and not overdoing the spices and herbs, means that the fish connoisseur can really cherish the taste of their dishes. The restaurant has also been given a Michelin star; one of only four in Rome, all this does mean that the restaurant is expensive, but it is highly recommended. The house speciality is the delicious lobster spaghetti or try the carpaccio (raw slices) of sea bass, swordfish and shrimp.

Montevecchio, Piazza Montevecchio 22, Rome. Tel: 06 68 61 319. Metro A: Spagna. Bus: 60, 64. Open: Tuesday - Saturday; 7.30pm - midnight. Booking in advance is recommended and most major credit cards accepted.

Montevecchio offers a delicious mix or Roman and general Italian cuisine. Located in the small winding alleyways near Piazza Navona, when you finally find it, you will be welcomed by an atmospheric restaurant with high ceilings and traditionally decorated. On the menu, you will be introduced to several traditional recipes, which are often quite difficult to find elsewhere, so do not be afraid to be adventurous.

Giolitti, Via Uffici Del Vicario 40, Rome. Tel: 06 69 91 243.Bus. Via Del Corso. Open: Daily; 7.00am - 2.00am.

This is not exactly a restaurant, but an ice cream parlour/teashop which is a must visit, especially if you are staying during the hot parts of the year. Opened in 1900, Giolitti has become an institution for both locals and tourists, boasting 70 flavours of ice cream and tasty pastries and cakes. It is popular with everyone from locals and tourists to construction workers and parliamentary officials. Be warned though, when busy it can seem very chaotic in an Italian sort of way! Just remember to order at the till and then go to ice cream area and show your receipt and tell (or shout to) the assistant what you would like.

Some other restaurants in the area include the following

Boccondivino, Piazza In Campo Marzio 6, Rome. Tel: 06 68 30 86 26.
Il Chicco D'Uva, Corso Rinascimente 70, Rome. Tel: 06 68 69 83.
Alfredo Alla Scrofa, Via Della Scrofa 104, Rome. Tel: 06 68 80 61 63.
Il Convivio, Vicolo Dei Soldati 31, Rome. Tel: 06 68 69 432.


Campo De' Fiori Area

Ditirambo, Piazza Della Cancelleria 74/75, Rome. Tel: 06 68 71 626. Bus: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. Open: Tuesday - Sunday; 1.00pm - 3.30pm. Daily; 8.00pm - 11.30pm. Booking in advance is recommended.

This reasonably priced and popular trattoria is friendly and often gets very busy during the summer months. It offers a discerning selection of homemade breads, pastas and desserts. The wines are excellent and are supplied by the well-known vintner Cavour. The interior will remind you of a country-style inn with wood furnishings and floral pictures on the wall. Comfortable seating and air conditioning make it pleasant in summer, although there is also limited seating outside.

Piperno, Monte De'Cenci 9, Rome. Tel: 06 68 80 66 29. Bus: Via Arenula. Open: Tuesday - Saturday; 12.15pm - 2.30pm and 8.00pm - 11.00pm. Sunday; 12.30pm - 3.00pm. Booking in advance is recommended and most major credit cards accepted.

Piperno offers authentic Roman-Jewish cuisine, and although quite expensive it is highly regarded as one of the best amalgamations of Roman-Jewish eateries in the city. Hidden away in a quiet, secluded square, the restaurant was originally founded by Pacifico Piperno as far back as 1860. Service is excellent as well as the wines on offer. Amongst the varied menu, you should not miss out on the carciofi alla giudia (crispy fried artichokes).

Some other restaurants in the area include the following

Il Drappo, Vicolo Del Malpasso 9, Rome. Tel: 06 68 77 365.
Ristorante Da Pancrazio, Piazza Del Biscione 92, Rome. Tel: 06 68 61 246.
Il Sanpietrino, Piazza Costaguti 15, Rome. Tel: 06 68 80 64 71.
La Maschere, Via Monte Della Farina 29, Rome. Tel: 06 68 79 444.


Piazza Di Spagna - Piazza Del Popolo Area

Dal Bolognese, Piazza Del Popolo 1-2, Rome. Tel: 06 36 11 426. Metro: Flaminio. Open: Tuesday - Sunday; 12.30pm - 3.00pm and 8.15pm - 11.00pm. Closed: Mondays and 20 days throughout August.

Offering many dishes home to the region of Bologna, Dal Bolognese is well located and also very popular. If you are lucky (and of course if it is warm), you may be able to get one of the few coveted tables outside. The food offered here is highly tasty, well thought out and reasonably priced; it is one of those rare occasions where the restaurant actually lives up to its hype.

Margutta Vegetariano, Via Margutta 118, Rome. Tel: 06 32 65 95 77. Bus: Piazza Del Popolo. Open: Daily; 11.00am - midnight.

This restaurant caters for the vegetarian, and is considered as one of the best in the city. All dishes incorporate natural and organic ingredients, which create a culinary delight with a Mediterranean flair for even the most discerning vegetarian. The food is well made and imaginative, ranging from pastas and salads to soufflés. The wines, ciders and beers are also organic and the restaurant also offers a hearty brunch between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

Some other restaurants in the area include the following

Al Moro, Vicolo Delle Bollete 13, Rome. Tel: 06 67 83 495.
Il Ristorante 34, Via Mario De' Fiori 34, Rome. Tel: 06 67 95 091.
Otello Alla Concordia, Via Della Croce 81, Rome. Tel: 06 67 91 178.
Gusto, Piazzo Augusto Imperatore 9, Rome. Tel: 06 32 26 273.


Trastevere Area

Trastevere is an area on the left-side of the River Tiber and is an excellent place to go to eat, as there is such a large concentration of restaurants, trattorie, etc.

Sabatini, Piazza Santa Maria In Trastevere 13, Rome. Tel: 06 58 12 026. Bus Routes: 45, 65, 170 or 181. Open: Daily; midday - 3.00pm and 8.00pm - midnight. Closed: 2 weeks throughout August. Booking in advance is recommended and most major credit cards accepted.

This busy restaurant offers an exciting location in the heart of Trastevere. During the summer months, diners can sit outside overlooking the delightful piazza with the floodlit mosaics of the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere in the foreground. In the colder months, the restaurant opens up its wood-beamed ceiling and terracotta-floored dining room. The food is not cheap, but the restaurant offers an excellent choice of both seafood dishes and Roman cuisine. Why not try the fresh linguine ai frutti di mare (linguine pasta with seafood) or the grilled scampi.

Antico Arco, Piazzale Aurelio 7, Rome. Tel: 06 58 15 274. Bus Routes: 44 or 870. Open: Monday - Saturday; 8.00pm - midnight. Booking in advance is recommended and most major credit cards accepted.

Located slightly further west of Trastevere, near to the American Academy and next to the Janiculum Hill, Antico Arco offers its guests typical Italian food all of which is laden with flavoursome Italian herbs and ingredients. Try the tagliolini con bottarga (a Sardinian pasta/fish speciality). In fact most of the dishes from the creative menu are highly recommended.

Asinocotto, Via Dei Vascellari 48, Rome. Tel: 06 58 98 985.
Ristorante Paris, Piazza San Calisto 7a, Rome. Tel: 06 58 15 378.
La Cisterna, Via Della Cisterna 13, Rome. Tel: 06 58 12 543.


Vatican Area

Les Étoiles, Hotel Atlante Star, Vitelleschi 34, Rome. Tel: 06 68 73 233. Website: Metro: Ottaviano. Bus: Via Di Porta Castello. Open: Daily 12.30pm - 2.30pm and 7.30pm - 10.30pm. Booking in advance is required and most major credit cards accepted.

This delightful rooftop restaurant (located in the luxury Hotel Atlante Star) is accessed by a lift/elevator and offers dinners one of the most stunning views of Rome, with the dome of St. Peter's almost at arm's length. Dining here, though far from extortionate can be quite costly. However, you do not only get the excellent panorama but also fine Mediterranean culinary delights and a good service. The menu often changes daily, but specialities include Venetian-style risotto with squid ink and quail's eggs with rocket and mustard dressing.

Ristorante Il Matriciano, Via Dei Gracchi 55, Rome. Tel: 06 32 12 327. Metro: Ottaviano. Open: Daily 12.30pm - and 8.00pm - midnight. Closed: 2 weeks throughout August. Booking in advance is required and most major credit cards accepted.

The restaurant is ideally located near the Vatican and is only a stone's throw from St. Peter's. Il Matriciano is a family restaurant which offers diners a warm atmosphere; the restaurant is popular with many locals, with varying backgrounds, including cardinals, etc as well as tourists. The dishes on offer are not only varied and affordable, but also delicious.

Hostaria Dei Bastioni, Vie Leone IV, Rome. Tel: 06 39 72 30 34.
Ristorante Giardinaccio, Via Aurelia 53, Rome. Tel: 06 63 13 67.
La Fiorentina, Via Andrea Doria 22, Rome. Tel: 06 39 73 31 73 / 06 39 73 70 75.
La Toscanella, Piazzale Degli Eroi 19, Rome. Tel: 06 37 28 757.
Caselli, Via Marziale 41, Rome. Tel: 06 39 73 59 33.

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