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Rome Information - International Airport: Rome Fiumicino (FCO) 30km from the city center - Rome Ciampino (CPO) (charters) 15km from the city center. Pop. 2.7 million Time: GMT-UTC plus 1 hour (plus 2 hours in summer) - Postal code: 00100 - Country / Area code: (0039) 06

Fiumicino Airport (FCO, Leonardo Da Vinci)

Fiumicino, the main international airport of Rome, is well-connected to the city centre during the day by both direct trains and slower regional trains. The direct train between Fiumicino and Termini costs a little under 9.00 Euros for a single ticket and takes approximately 30 minutes. It departs and arrives on platform 22 at Termini, which is a little further away from the other platforms. Please note though, that for arrivals and departures between 11.30pm and 5.00am, there is a night bus running between Fiumicino and Tiburtina station which also stops at the main train station, Termini.

Ciampino Airport (CPO)

Ciampino airport is a smaller airport dealing mainly with charter flights and budget airlines, but lies a bit closer to Rome than Fiumicino. However, there is no direct train line to Rome; it is connected to Anagnina/Line A metro station (about 30 minutes from Termini) by Cotral buses and buses leave every half hour. Please note that the bus service ceases at 11.00pm and the only way to get into Rome late at night is by taxi.

Taxis From The Airports To Rome City Centre

The average taxi fare from Fiumicino airport (or Ciampino) to the centre of Rome is circa 50.00 Euros. On exiting the arrival halls, you will find the taxi ranks directly in front of you. You may also be approached by illegal taxi drivers at the train station and at the airport; these should be avoided because often they are not insured and will most likely try to rip you off in one way or another. If you need a taxi, look for the official yellow or white taxis which are metered. There are taxi stands at both Fiumicino and Termini.

By Bus

Tiburtina station is the main bus terminal for buses and coaches coming from or going to towns and cities outside the region of Lazio. It is simple to reach the centre from Tiburtina by taking metro line B in the direction of Termini, or bus 492 from the piazza directly in front of the station.
Cotral call centre 800 150 008. Monday - Friday: 6.00am - 8.00pm; Saturdays: 9.00am - 5.00pm.


Travelling within Rome


Taxis in Rome are either yellow or white with a recognisable symbol on the door, a registration number and a meter inside. They can be found in specially-designated parking lots/ranks, or otherwise can be booked in advance by telephone. If they are not already carrying passengers, you can hail them to stop, but do not be surprised if they just drive past you! It is always a good idea to ask your hotel reception to order you a taxi, or if in a restaurant, the waiter. The best place to find a taxi is in an area marked out with yellow lines, with Taxi inscribed on the asphalt. Always be sure to use official taxis, as private ones can be more expensive.

City Centre Taxi Ranks

Pantheon, Piazza Sonnino and Piazza Di Spagna.

Taxi Eurocosmo: 06 88 22.

Società Cooperativa Autoradiotaxi Roma: 06 35 70.

Società la Capitale Radio Taxi: 06 44 40 208 / 06 49 94.

Servizi Radiotaxi: 06 66 45 / 06 555.



Rome's metro system is a very useful way to get around the city and is reasonably safe as long as you are vigilant. The metro system only has two lines, known as A and B, which cross at the main train station (Termini). Compared to most major cities the network is rather small. This is due to the problem of building tunnels under the city; extensions have been proposed, but often construction has to be postponed or stopped due to finding new archaeological artefacts, etc. Trains usually run from 5.30am until 11.30pm every day (Saturdays until 12.30am). Most stations on line A do not have disabled facilities, except Cipro-Musei Vaticani and Valle Aurelia). An alternative bus route (590) follows the same route of line A and has wheelchair access (see below). All stations on line B have disabled facilities except for Circo Massimo, Colosseo and Cavour (direction Laurentina). The stations are easily recognisable, with a large red 'M' visible from street level. Tickets can be bought at ticket vending machines at only some of the stations (usual stations near tourist sights), but do not be surprised if they do not work! It is best to purchase tickets from tobacconists, newspaper stands and some bars. Tickets are currently priced at 1.00 Euro and are valid for one journey in one direction only, but for up to 75 minutes. The same ticket can also be used on the buses/trams, if you require this service to reach your final destination.

Metro A offers the possibility to organise itineraries particularly interesting both for shopping and visiting many of Rome's monuments.

Cipro - the best station to reach the Vatican Museums.
Ottaviano - has good access to St. Peter's.
Lepanto - for Via Cola Di Rienzo, one of Rome's major shopping areas.
Flaminio - direct access to Villa Borghese and the Pincio Terrace, as well as the shopping areas of Via del Corso, Via Del Babuino, Piazza Del Popolo.
Spagna - good access to the historical centre, as well as Piazza Di Spagna, Trinità Dei Monti and the Fontana Di Trevi.
Barberini - best place to alight for Via Veneto and Fontana Di Trevi.
Vittorio Emanuele - get off here for the Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore.
S. Giovanni - for the Basilica of S. Giovanni and the Scala Santa (Holy Steps).
Cinecittà - takes you to the film studios and Cinecittà Due shopping mall.

Metro B has some relevant stops for tourists.

Basilica S. Paolo - gives you direct access to the Basilica Di S. Paolo.
Piramide - stop here for the Pyramid of Caius Cestius.
Circo Massimo/Colosseum - stops ideal to visit the Colosseum, Circo Massimo and the Roman Forum.
Cavour - get out here to visit S. Pietro In Vincoli and famous "Rione Monti".


Buses and a selection of Rome's major bus routes

Rome has quite a large bus network to compensate for its relatively small metro network. Again, tickets cannot be purchased onboard and very rarely are there ticket machines and the bust stops. The best place to buy tickets is at the tobacconist's, newspaper stands or metro/train stations. Bus stops are marked with the word fermata. If you have already used a ticket for the metro and need to travel further by bus in order to reach your destination, you can in fact use the same ticket as long as it is within 75 minutes of stamping the ticket when boarding the metro. As always, be aware of pickpockets, especially on crowded buses and in the tourist areas.

Line 64: Termini: Piazza Della Repubblica - Via Nazionale - Piazza Venezia - Largo Arenula - Corso Vittorio Emanuele - Largo Porta Cavalleggeri - Stazione San Pietro.

Line 8 (Tram): Largo Di Torre Argentina - Ponte Garibaldi - Piazza Mastai - Piazza Ippolito Nievo - Stazione Trastevere - Monteverde - Casaletto.

Line 118: Piazzale Ostiense - Terme Di Caracalla - Appia Antica (catacombs).

Line 492: Stazione Tiburtina - Stazione Termini - Piazza Barberini - Piazza Venezia - Corso Rinascimento - Piazza Cavour - Piazza Risorgimento - Stazione Cipro - Musei Vaticani.

Line 23: Piazzale Clodio - Piazza Risorgimento - Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II - Ponte Garibaldi - Via Marmorata - Piazzale Ostiense - Basilica Di S. Paolo.

Line 714: Stazione Termini - Piazza S. Maria Maggiore - Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano - Via Delle Terme Di Caracalla - Via C. Colombo - Piazza G. Marconi - Piazzale P.L. Nervi.

Line 660: Largo Colli Albani - Via Appia Nuova -Via Appia Antica (catacombs).

Line 910: Stazione Termini - Piazzale Della Repubblica - Via Piemonte - Via Pinciana (Villa Borghese) - Piazzale Euclide - Auditorium - Palazzetto Dello Sport - Piazza Mancini.

Line 590 with handicapped facilities. Takes the same route as metro line A, but runs every 90 minutes (schedule at the bus stop).


Bicycle and scooter rental

HAPPY RENT (scooters only)
Via Farini 3. Tel: 06 48 18 185.,

NEW SCOOTER FOR RENT (scooters only)
Via Quattro Novembre 96 a/b. Tel: 06 67 90 300.

RENT SCOOTER BORGO (scooters only)
Via Delle Grazie 2. Tel: 06 68 77 239.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 204. Tel: 06 68 76 922.

TRENO E SCOOTER (Termini Station)
Multiservice, Platform 1, Via Marsala. Tel: 06 48 905 823.

Via Dei Lucchesi 31/32. Tel: 06 69 200 799.

Via Cavour 302. Tel: 06 67 80 206.

Via Della Purificazione 84. Tel: 06 48 85 485.

Via Cavour 199. Tel: 06 48 15 926.

Via Del Viminale 5. Tel: 06 48 28 443.

Via Cavour 80/a. Tel: 06 48 15 669.

Via F. Turati 50. Tel: 06 49 69 222.

Vicolo De' Bovari 7/a. Tel: 06 68 96 555.

Via San Leo 22. Tel: 06 88 10 219.

Via Del Galoppatoio. Tel: 06 36 13 307.


Boat trips on the River Tiber

Rather than taking the metro or walking, why not take a ride on the River Tiber for a different experience? Both private mini cruises and regular river transport are offered on the Tiber. During the hotter months, it is an excellent way to discover Rome while relaxing away from the heavy traffic. Regular river transport operates every day from Ponte Duca D'Aosta to Ponte Marconi. A boat with circa 50 seats leaves every 20 minutes with intermediate stops at the bridges of Risorgimento, Cavour, S. Angelo, Sisto (at the Tiber Island) and at Ripa Grande.

Single fare: 1.00 Euro.
Day ticket: circa 2.30 Euros.
Monthly ticket: circa 30.00 Euros.
Cruise tour: circa 10.00 Euros.
Cruise with candlelight dinner: circa 43.00 Euros.

Timetable: October - March 7.30am - 8.00pm; June - September 7.30am - midnight. Closed: 1.30pm - 3.30pm.
Information and reservations: Compagnia Di Navigazione Ponte S. Angelo. Tel: 06 67 89 361.,
From March to 31st December, mini cruises on the River Tiber with on-board dinner are also organised by Società Tourvisa for circa 45.00 Euros per person.
Tel: 06 44 87 41. Fax: 06 4456870. Email:
Departure times: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8.30pm from Ponte Umberto I, facing Piazza Cavour and return is around about 11.30pm.


Parking in Rome

At times, it seems that there are more cars in Rome than people. Heavy traffic is a major problem in Rome and it seems that Romans often prefer to use their cars than public transport. With this comes a severe parking problem, especially in the city centre, so it is recommend to try and avoid bringing your car in the center, whenever possible. However, in areas like Termini and the Vatican, as well as other central areas, there are parking spaces on the street indicated by blue lines, where you can park for 1.00 Euro per hour (If you do find one, take it even if it may not be situated in the most convenient place!). The hours of the day when you must pay for parking are usually from 8.00am to 8.00pm, and in some parts of town, until 11.00pm. The tickets can be purchased either at the vending machines on the pavements/sidewalks (coins only), at tobacconists, or newspaper stands. There are also some large public and private parking garages around the city.

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