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Rome has a vast array of petit boutiques, art and design shops, fashion houses; in fact, you should be able to find almost anything you wish. Department stores are rare in Italy and therefore Rome as well, which means that there are lots of individualistic shops, which cater for just one sector. This can mean that shopping for wares can be more time consuming, as you have to shop in different shops, but it also makes it more fun! Increasing rents for the shopkeeper means that it is becoming more and more difficult to find real bargains - however there are still some around. Generally, shops in tourist areas are now open non-stop, i.e. circa 9.00am - 8.00pm, Mondays to Saturdays. Away from the city center, you will discover that the siesta is still maintained and many shops will be closed for lunch between circa 1.00pm and 4.00pm. Generally, it is difficult to find a shop open on a Sunday, unless it is the run up to Christmas, etc.



Near to Piazza Navona, there is a large cluster of antique dealers. We recommend that you walk down Vie Dei Coronari and the prestigious Via Del Babuino. Do not forget that many of the dealers will be closed during siesta time.

Ad Antiqua Domus
Via Paola 25 - 27, Rome.
Via Dei Coronari 41, Rome.

Daniela Bilenchi
Via Della Stelletta 17, Rome

Enrico Camponi
Via Della Stelletta 32, Rome.

Piazza Navona 25, Rome.

Via Del Babuino 150, Rome.


Main Shopping Areas

Cola Di Rienzo
Close to the Vatican, this is a long, straight street that runs from the Tiber to Piazza Risorgimento. Its large streets are clogged with traffic, so we recommend you do one side at a time. Goods are reasonably priced.

Ancient Rome
Try around the Pantheon and Via Del Governo Vecchio.

Piazza Di Spagna
The most elegant and expensive shops are concentrated in the area of Piazza Di Spagna, walk down either Via Borgognona or Via Condotti to find the haute couture shops of Rome, such as Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, in fact all the designer names are found there. Here you will find hyper-rich, smartly dressed men and women not only from Rome, but all over the world.

Via Nazionale
The goods sold here are mainstream and prices are generally moderate. A mixture of small, stylish boutiques, well-priced leather clothing shops and small Italian chain stores. Be careful of the horrendous traffic though.

Via Del Corso
This long street connects Piazza Del Popolo to Piazza Venezia and is arguably Rome's major shopping aisle, several international and Italian chain stores can be found here and the street mainly attracts Rome's younger consumers.



Porta Portese, Via Di Porta Portese, access from Via Ippolito Nievo and off Viale Trastevere. Bus route: 75.
This is Rome's major flea market which takes place early on Sunday mornings (7.00am - lunchtime). You will be able to buy most things here, but be warned - it gets very busy with tourists and Romans alike. And like all markets, beware of pickpockets.

Underground Car park, near Via Veneto, Metro: Barberini/Line A.
Usually taking place on the first weekend of the month (October to June) from 10.00am - 8.00pm, this underground car park near to Via Veneto offers a complete mish-mash of goods, from genuine finds to real junk.

Via Sannio, near to San Giovanni In Laterano. Metro: S. Giovanni Station/Line A.
Previously known for antiques and junk, etc. The market which is partly-covered is now better known for selling clothing and many fake or reproduction garments can be found in the stalls.


Department Stores

Coin, Via Cola Di Rienzo 173 and San Giovanni In Laterano. Metro: S. Giovanni Station/Line A.
Coin offers the shopper good quality clothing, housewares, perfumes, etc and is one of only a handful of department stores in Rome.

Rinascente, Piazza Colonna/Via Del Corso 189.
Rinascente is one of the larger department stores which is conveniently situated in the main shopping area (Vie Del Corso). The store offers a wide range of high quality goods.



Federico Buccellati, Via Condotti 31, Piazza Di Spagna.
Beautifully designed gold and silverware, by one of Italy's most renowned metalsmiths. Designs are often influenced by the Renaissance period.

Bulgari, Via Condotti 10, Piazza Di Spagna.
Famous the world-over, Bulgari has been in the capital since the late 1800s. Its prestigious and meticulously created wares are the envy of many people. Prices can at times be affordable (obviously depending on your budget) but often insane! It is worthwhile just to look at the window displays.

Diego Percossi Papi, Via Sant'Eustachio 16.
Diego Percossi Papi is a small boutique shop with an upscale clientele which offers fine ornate jewellery.

Maria Teresa Nitti Valentini, Via Della Stelletta 4.
Maria Teresa Nitti Valentini is known to jewellery lovers for vintage jewellery.

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